Thursday, May 22, 2014

Better late than never! Part 3-the end

If you have followed my last two posts, you know that I was waiting for a phone call from Steve.  Glad I was not holding my breath.  I did get to take a gasp of air when I got a call from the local salon manager.

I know Steve must have called her because she was aware of the post I wrote on Yelp and acknowledged reading it. I never talked or saw a manager the day I walked out.  With 20/20 hindsight, I probably should have requested to talk to a manager.  From my phone conversation with her, she was not there that day so nothing lost or gained.

She did apologize for the poor service, acknowledged that I was a long time customer and has put on my chart I am to get a free manicure and pedicure.  There is no limitation on the time I chose to use it.

She said they were putting in new rules for staff to follow and that I nor any other customer should receive the treatment I experienced.  I did thank her for calling me and I did rehash some of the visit with her; again she gave me assurances that this would not happen again.

So sometime in the near future I will take advantage of my complimentary mani/pedi.  Meanwhile I went to another salon and got a nice manicure. 

  • Good customer service-have the right staff up front when greeting and directing customers to the person who will be providing the service.
  • Good customer service-train the staff on expectations of how you want the customer to be treated, observe them as they perform to provide tips, corrective feedback and praise.
  • Good customer service-make sure the hair stylist or nail technician or massage therapist is aware there customer is in the salon and if running behind let the customer know.
  •  Good customer service-don't text or play on the phone, be busy in the shop assisting other staff in helpful ways that will allow the customer to have a good experience.

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